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Law firm founded in 1983 in Cancun, Quintana Roo by FRANK B. SCHILD SCHEIER, Esq. and managed by JUAN JOSÉ CORONA BARSSÉ, Esq., since 1990. The firm is dedicated to provide legal security to foreign and national investors in México, especially in the State of Quintana Roo and Yucatán Península.

The experience acquired during years of practice backup the solidity and reliability of the services rendered to many satisfied clients.

Corona Barssé undertakes the goal of achieving success and tranquility for its clients, providing personalized, clear and direct legal consultation.

Since its foundation, this law office has had the objective of listening and understanding its clients´ business needs, proposals and intentions, undertaking thereupon the corresponding actions to make them happen. This goal is achieved by providing correct guidance, adjusted to reality and the existing legal possibilities México offers.

Who we are?

American, Canadian, German, Italian, Israeli, Danish, Mexican, British and French nationals, form Corona Barssé´s main clientele.

Born in Leipzig, Germany, American national, graduated from Law School at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, (UNAM). Mexico City.

Born August 4th, 1958 in México City, graduated from Law School at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), Mexico City, in 1985 .

  • Real Estate

    An investment in real estate, be it for vacation, speculation, commercial or permanent dwelling purpose, must be...

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    México offers a broad variety of possibilities for foreign persons to legally develop economic or retirement activities...

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    Formation of companies in general
    Ordinary and extraordinary shareholders assemblies...

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    A contract, whichever its nature may be, is a legal act that must be flexible and adequate to the negotiation needs of the contracting...

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    External Advice and Representation

    Corona Barssé in order to render an integral and more complete service to its clients, is affiliated with law offices versed in civil...

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    Money Transfers

    The firm offers professional advice on the most effective manner of handling checks and transfers of funds from abroad into México...

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