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An investment in real estate, be it for vacation, speculation, commercial or permanent dwelling purposes, must be intelligent and planned with the objective in mind of procuring a maximum investment yield, same which should not be limited to a monetary sense only but to the effort and dedication placed in the fulfillment of a way of life in every form. Therefore, it is recommended not to make slight decisions especially dealing in any country other than our own.

Legal advice given in this field is rooted in the analysis and study of the background history belonging to the intended property. By making a title search we can trace the property´s origins and can determine if the transaction is feasible and legally sane. The objective with our clients is to assure their investments are properly carried out and under a minimum risk.

  • Acquisition and sale of housing and commercial realty.
  • Formation and extinction of trusts, and conveyance of trust beneficiary rights between foreign investors.
  • Procedures before trustee departments belonging to diverse Mexican banks.
  • Procedures before government entities for the obtaining and modification of property trust  (fidecomiso) permits and inscription of these before the National Registry of Foreign Investments.


Practice Areas